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Parent/Carer Guidelines and Registration Forms


Background Information

Fun 4 Kidz is a registered charity that was set up in 1998 as part of a regeneration strategy for Netherton. The organisation was orignally established to provide out of school provision in Netherton, however, due to the excellent reputation the organisation has built up and its ability to develop and expand services to meet the needs of local communities and families, Fun 4 Kidz now provides much, much more.

Fun 4 Kidz provide out of school childcare across 7 afterschool clubs, 3 holiday clubs and 2 breakfast clubs within 6 different communities. These provisions enable parents/carers to access employment or training whilst also providing an inclusion project to assist families and children at risk of social exclusion.

We deliver a mobile creche service to local groups and agencies alongside providing Ofsted registered creche in 9 Children’s Centres in Sefton which enables parents/carers to access training and support and also provides an opportunity for them to attend play sessions with their children so that Fun 4 Kidz can help them to support their children to learn and develop through play.

Fun 4 Kidz also delivers Play 4 Kidz which is a project that provides a range of positive activity clubs of an evening and weekend, in Netherton, to deter children from becoming involved in anti-social behaviour and help to develop relationships across generations within the commuity and with other agencies e.g. police and fire service.

In total Fun 4 Kidz is providing activities for over 400 children per week and with ongoing developments, plans to care for many more children and support many more families across more communities in Liverpool.

The organisation also manages the L30 Community Centre, in Netherton, to provide a wide range of services for the whole community including training, job club, food bank and social activities which ensures that we meet the needs of local people.

Throughout all of these provisions we offer volunteering and training opportunities alongside delivering employment programmes, to support people back into work, which has included the Intermediate Labour Market programme, Future Jobs Fund and more recently apprenticeships.

Fun 4 Kidz aims to provide affordable services and do not charge the full or cost of running the provisions. We are currently supported by Children in Need, the Big Lottery and Sefton Council to enable us to achieve this.

“As illustrated a lot has been developed within the organisation since it was established and this had resulted in Fun 4 Kidz being recognised with a number of awards over the years and the organisation was really proud to have been named “Best Community Organisation 2014” at the Liverpool Community Superstar awards.”.

We welcome you and your child to Fun 4 Kidz!!

Here are all the forms required to register your child with Fun 4 Kidz. Please download , print off and fill in.

Registration forms in word format

We appreciate that this may seem a lot of forms however, we are required by Ofsted and our funders to collect certain information and most importantly the more information we have the better we will be able to ensure we provide the appropriate care for your child.

If you require any assistance, or require this pack in large print, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Forms can be returned to the club or to the main office.

Afterschool Clubs:
Children are collected from their school and escorted by our playworkers to their club.

At the club the children are provided with the opportunity to take part in a wide range of planned and free play activities including role play, arts & crafts, ICT, outdoor play, and lots, lots more! The children are also provided with a healthy snack and are then collected from the club by parents/carers before 6.00pm. (5.45pm at Churchtown Primary School).

Holiday Clubs:
Holiday Club bookings are taken approximately 1 month before a holiday club is due to take place and can be made in the club or via the main office. There is discount on prices for early booking – see your senior worker for details.

Children are dropped off at the L30 Centre, Farnborough Road School or Churchtown Primary School from 8.00am onwards (half day sessions are also available) and again are provided with the opportunity to take part in a wide range of planned activities including day trips.

Children are provided with a healthy snack in the morning and afternoon and must bring a packed lunch if attending the club for a full day.  Please mark refrigerated products e.g. sandwiches, yoghurts with your child’s name as these will need to come out of the box to be put in the fridge.  (We do not have space for 32/48 sandwich boxes in the fridge).

Breakfast Club:
Children can be dropped off at Farnborough Road School from 7.45am or LIPA Primary School from 8.00am onwards. At the club a range of table top games and activities are provided along with a healthy breakfast for no additional cost.

The breakfast club is open until school starts, junior children are then escorted to the playground to line up with their class and infant children are taken to their classrooms.

Fee Costs Per Session:

  1st Child Siblings
Afterschool Club £9.50 £8.79
Holiday Club Full Day: £22.00
Half Day: £20.35
Full Day: £14.00
Half Day: £12.95
Breakfast Club £4.00 £3.50


Out of School Details
We have a Chief Executive (Debbie Stephens), who is responsible for the development of the organisation an Out of School Co-ordinator (Debbie O’Neill), who is responsible for the day to day running of the club along with an Office Manager (Chris Ross), who is responsible for recording finance and managing the fee system, to ensure the clubs and the organisation runs smoothly.  Our main office is based at the L30 Centre and we can be contacted on 0151 932 9218 during office hours.

Details for individual clubs are as follows:



No. of places

Opening Times

Contact Number


L30 Centre



0151 932 9218


Rimrose Hope  School



0151 932 9218 or 07899278167

Netherton Park

Netherton Park Neighbourhood Centre



0151 285 5210

Farnborough Road

Farnborough Road School, Birkdale



0151 932 9218
07873 223286


Ainsdale Primary School



0151 932 9218


LIPA Primary School



0151 932 9218


Churchtown Primary School



0151 932 9218
07444 009812

Holiday Club

Farnborough Road School, Birkdale



0151 932 9218
07812 170893

Holiday Club L30

L30 Centre, Netherton



0151 932 9218
07947 312331

Holiday Club

Churchtown Primary School



0151 932 9218
07444 009812

Breakfast Club

LIPA Primary School



0151 932 9218
07955 263759

Breakfast Club

Farnborough Road School, Birkdale



0151 932 9218

Admissions Policy
Fun 4 Kidz is committed to the provision of accessible, affordable, high quality play and childcare opportunities.  To achieve this the Board of Directors has set the following admissions criteria:

  • Children aged 4-12 years are eligible to join the afterschool clubs, priority will be given to children who      attend one of the clubs feeder schools but children who do not attend the feeder school but live within      the    local community will also be able to attend if transported to the club.
  • Priority is given to siblings of children already attending a club within the network.
  • A number of places are secured for children who do not fit into the above category and are for referred    users.
  • Referred places will be reviewed termly in partnership with the family and referring agency.  We reserve    the right to change the number of nights a referred user attends in order to ensure a wide use of places.
  • All parents/carers must agree and sign the enclosed parent/carer contract outlining terms and    conditions.
  • A fee agreement must be completed and once made must be adhered to including paying for sessions    booked if the child does not attend.  Running costs still have to be met.

Exceptions to this are:
If a parent/carer loses his/her job.
If the child has a pre booked holiday.
If there is another child on the waiting list who can take up the absent child’s place during his/her absence.
Other compassionate grounds at Fun 4 Kidz discretion.

  • No child will be prevented from accessing the network of clubs as long as the above criteria are met.

Holiday Club

  • Priority is given to users of the afterschool clubs as long as booking deadlines are met.

Breakfast Club

  • Schools.

The Fun 4 Kidz network aims to promote the use of the clubs by all sectors of the community and will actively seek groups which are under represented.

Before attending the club all children must be registered with Fun 4 Kidz.  Parents/carers will be provided with a number of forms to complete (included in this pack).  To ensure staff can provide the best possible care for your child please provide all information as requested. 

It is the parent/carers responsibility to return the fully completed registration form before their child starts to attend the club.  We also strongly recommend that parents/carers and their child visit the club prior to starting so that they can be introduced to staff, children and familiarise themselves with the setting.

It is vital that the club is informed immediately of any changes to details provided for example: address, contact numbers, children’s health etc.

If your child has medical needs or dietary requirements or you feel they may require additional support whilst at the club please inform the Senior Worker as you may be required to complete a more detailed form to ensure we are able to meet your child’s requirements.

Bookings and Payments
All bookings and payments must be made monthly in advance.  Payments can be made at the club by cash or cheque or alternatively you can arrange to pay by direct debit or standing order.  Fun 4 Kidz also accept a wide range of childcare vouchers.  Please contact the main office for further details.

Advance booking is essential to ensure that the club reserves a childcare place for your child and all parents will be required to complete and sign a booking and fee agreement.  If advance bookings and payments have not been made the club cannot be held responsible for the collection of your child.

For emergency cancellations, sickness or additional bookings please refer to “Sickness, Emergencies, Appointments and Cancellations”.


Tax Credits and Childcare Costs
If you work, are responsible for a child or children and pay for childcare you may be able to get extra help with the costs through the childcare element of Working Tax Credit. You can get help with up to 70% of your childcare costs.

No. of Children > 1 2 or more
Weekly Limit of costs £175.00 £300
% of costs you can get help with 70% 70%
Maximum tax credits for childcare £175 x 70% = £122.50 £300 x 70% = £210.00

For more information or to request an claim pack please phone the helpline on the Tax Credit Helpline on 0345 300 3900, any HM Revenue and Customs Enquiry Centre or


Collection of Children
On collecting children, parents/carers must enter the building and and sign them out on the        register.

Only adults (minimum age of 16) identified on the registration form will be allowed to collect children from the club.  In protecting the safety of all children, unregistered and unannounced adults will not be allowed to access the club.

Parents/carers must adhere to the closing times and strive to collect their child on time.  The club has the right to make an additional charge in the event of parents/carers persistently failing to collect their child within the specified times. This charge will be in line with payment for additional staffing cover.  Constant lateness will result in your child’s place at the club being reviewed.

Sickness, Emergencies, Appointments and Cancellations
If your child is unable to attend the club for any reason please inform the main office on 0151 932 9218.

We do respectfully request that children who are unwell do not attend the club.  If your child becomes unwell whilst at the club we will contact you to collect them or if they have been absent from school due to illness they will not be able to attend the club on that day as outlined in Fun 4 Kidz “Sick Children Policy”.

If your child has a medical or other appointment such as sport/drama club please inform the club as soon as possible.  We will strive to accommodate the needs of your child but if on a planned trip we will not be able to provide care for your child.

In emergency circumstances, such as heavy snow, the schools and on rare occasions the out of school clubs may close however, in all events the club will strive to maintain a service but in circumstances beyond our control, may have to close.  If the club is responsible for closing, payments made for the day will be credited forward.

In the event of such circumstances please call the main office for further details or if your child’s school closes early in an emergency situation.


Policies and Procedures

All Fun 4 Kidz out of school clubs are Ofsted registered and adhere to the Ofsted Welfare Requirements to further ensure a quality service is provided the following policies and procedures are also in place and on display in each of the settings:


  • Admissions Policy
  • Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Behaviour Management Policy
  • Code of Practice
  • Complaints Policy & Procedure
  • Day Trip Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Equipment & Resources Policy
  • Fee Payment Policy
  • Fee Collection Procedure
  • Food and Drink Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy and Procedures
  • Hygiene Policy
  • Inclusion Policy
  • Integration of New Children into Club
  • Lost Children Policy
  • Medication Policy
  • Non-Collection of Children Policy
  • Outdoor Play Policy and Procedure
  • Procedure for Managing Swine Flu
  • Safeguarding Children Policy
  • Sick Children Policy
  • Sleeping/Resting Children Policy
  • Snack Preparation Policy
  • Sun Safety Policy
  • Suspensions and Exclusions Policy
  • Volunteering Policy
  • Volunteering Policy – Under 18’s
  • Club Policies




Valuing Children
All clubs are child centre and value all children.  The club strives to meet the needs of the individual child within the group and provide equal opportunities for all children.  Discrimination or offensive behaviour towards a child,  member of staff or parent/carer is unacceptable.

In order to provide an inclusive provision, Fun 4 Kidz will strive to the best of their ability to ensure:

  • That all children are able to enjoy play activities and all parents/carers are able to use the Fun 4 Kidz services without discrimination.
  • Out of School Club premises are physically accessible to all members of the community.
  • A safe quality environment for all ages regardless of gender, race or ability is provided.
  • The environment reflects the needs of the community it is serving and the wide range of cultures, which     exist within society.
  • Through stories and discussion children are enabled to challenge thoughts and ideas which they may     have as a result of being subject to negative stereotypes.
  • That the visual images provided are positive images and do not contain messages which contribute     towards the development of negative stereotypes.
  • Equipment and activities will promote non-stereotypical traditions, values and environments.
  • All children are offered positive images of themselves and of people, situations and events that are     recognisably part of the children’s history and way of life.
  • That we are able to discuss such things as variations of skin colour as naturally as we discuss eye and     hair colour.  We will therefore find ways to demonstrate a positive attitude to all groups.

To ensure that children are supported within Fun 4 Kidz we have an Inclusion Development Playworker who can be contacted at the main office and is responsible for the overall co-ordination of inclusion within our settings.



Positive Play
To ensure all children have an enjoyable time and fun whilst at our clubs, we aim to promote positive behaviour through involving children in developing “Club Promises” and through a range of activities.  We ask all parents/carers to support us in implementing these strategies.

Early Years Foundation Stage
Throughout all of its childcare services, Fun 4 Kidz delivers the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which is a framework for learning, development and care for children aged 0-5 years.  The EYFS sets standards to enable childcare providers to monitor and encourage children to learn and develop through high quality play opportunities.  Each child in this age group will have an individual “Learning Journey” which will include:



  • Photographs
  • Observations
  • Children’s Information
  • Developmental Progress
  • Feedback from Teaching Professions
  • Parent/Carer Feedback and Links to Home.

This framework is lead by a Key Person who is the Senior Worker of the club and they will ensure that all children’s details and personal development is monitored and assessed to enable us to meet their needs and plan for their future development.

All records are available for you to look at any time and we will ask for your support and input into delivering this framework effectively so that your child is able to continue to develop whilst at our club.

Safeguarding Children
All children’s welfare is paramount.  We have professional responsibility to report any suspected sign of abuse to the Social Care team.  We also have a duty to inform the parents/carers of the child concerned of the action we have taken – except in circumstances deemed appropriate by the management.  Please refer to Fun 4 Kidz “Safeguarding Children” policy for further details.




Complaints Procedure
Fun 4 Kidz aim to provide a high quality, efficient and accessible service for parents/carers and children.

All our services are reviewed regularly, however, from time to time a parent/carer or child may feel that they have a complaint against some aspect of our club, or an individual member of staff.  If this situation should occur Fun 4 Kidz have a comprehensive complaints policy and procedure in place, this is available in all settings, and should be followed.

If any concerned parties are not satisfied with the outcome they can contact OFSTED for further advice and support at Early Years, OFSTED, Picadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD.  Tel: 0300 123 1231.

Fun 4 Kidz Board of Directors
Fun 4 Kidz is ultimately managed by a voluntary Board of Directors.  This is made up predominately of parents/carers and additional directors include headteachers and local people with knowledge and skills in developing community projects.

We recruit new Directors at our Annual General Meeting.  If you are interested or would like further details of this opportunity to have your say and to become involved in how Fun 4 Kidz runs its services and plans for future developments please contact the main office.

Volunteering Opportunities
Fun 4 Kidz has received funding from the Employable Communities Fund to support local people to take up volunteering opportunities whilst gaining skills and knowledge within the childcare field.

Fun 4 Kidz are always looking for committed volunteers in our out of school clubs and we provide 2 free childcare places, a uniform, expenses and support to gain a nationally recognised childcare qualification.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact the main office.

Fun 4 Kidz Pledge to Parents/Carers

We will:

  • Welcome you at all times to discuss our clubs, have a chat or take part in our activities.
  • Keep you informed of opening times, fees and charges, programmes of activities, snack menus and     procedures.
  • Be consistent and reliable to enable you to access our services with confidence and peace of mind.
  • Share and discuss your child’s achievements, experiences, progress and friendships whilst involving you      in planning for their development through play.
  • Organise information meetings to involve you in decisions about the running of the club and its     development.
  • Ask your permission for outings and special events.
  • Listen to your views and concerns to ensure that we continue to meet your needs.
  • Keep fees as low as possible and give you the option of helping with fundraising.






Fun 4 Kidz – Conditions of Membership

Fun 4 Kidz offers subsidised child care provision for members.  All users must join the membership scheme, with the exception of referred users.  The club operates an admissions criteria (see Admissions Policy).

The Board of Directors has the right to refuse or cancel membership if criteria is not met or conditions of membership are not adhered to.  In this event there is a right to appeal to the Board of Directors.

Membership Conditions:
A condition of joining and using Fun 4 Kidz clubs is that members actively contribute and participate in support of the club through.

  1. Payment of childcare fees in line with policies and procedures.
  1. Active support of clubs wherever possible.
  1. Collection of children on time and by an appropriate adult.
  1. Payment of a £5.00 enrolment fee and an annual fee of £2.00 thereafter.
  1. To abide within the ethos of Fun 4 Kidz “Equal Opportunities Policy”.
  1. To abide by all Fun 4 Kidz policies and procedures.



Members will have the right and be encouraged to pass over any ideas, complaints or concerns to the Board of Directors and will be invited to the AGM and have the right to vote on agenda items.